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Other ideas. This page will evolve to show ideas from other contributors, and other vacuum tube tranportation systems.

Files for Cheetah 0.5 (Beta)

Complete set of Solidworks files for Cheetah 0.5 (Beta). This design is fairly complete, but quite sketchy. No hinges for the power car and airlocks.

Pod main assy Beta

Here are files to load into other CAD systems.


Here are the E-Drawings.

You can download a free E-Viewer here, for all platforms. The iPad one works really well.

Cheetah 1.0 is coming.

The latest files for Cheetah v1.0. These are done in much greater detail. We have the all-important rings that connect the pressure hull, the power cars, and the airlock doors. The pressure hull is fairly complete, and a FEA strucural analysis of the composite construction is being done. The power car and station are sketchy.



This page looks at the performance of air skis from different perspectives.

The spreadsheet supporting these calulations is here,

View it in Dropbox or download the Excel file



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